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What Challenges and Opportunities Can International Students Face Under Canadian Immigration Laws?

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Recently, the federal government has revised several of the country’s policies to allow more international students to come and study in Canada. In addition, to those with student visas, families with younger children have also found a place within Canadian school systems.

However, although the country has succeeded with the new changes, they have come with challenges. Many international students still face immigration issues that directly impact their ability to learn and achieve success.

Even though many international students face challenges when dealing with Canadian immigration laws, there are a great many advantages available. To learn more about the challenges and opportunities experienced by international students, it is always best to contact an immigration lawyer who can provide you with more information.

How Do Canadian Immigration Laws Provide Opportunities For Foreign Students?

Unlike the old immigration laws that utilized a points system when determining an individual’s ability to come to Canada, the federal government has passed laws with the goal of recruiting international students.

The new laws have made it easier for international students to take advantage of federal and provincial opportunities, allowing them to transition much more quickly to permanent residency.

For example, international students are now permitted to remain in Canada for up to three years following graduation as opposed to two years under the old law. This significant change allows students more time to gain the work experience required to qualify for permanent residency.

In addition, the required work period for immigrants with student visas has been cut in half from 24 months to that of only 12 months. Finally, after obtaining permanent residency, individuals may apply for Canadian citizenship.

What is the Most Significant Immigration Issue Experienced by International Students?

One of the most significant immigration issues reported by international students is trying to obtain permanent residency. While many international students turn to Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), this option does not always provide them with needed assistance. In many instances, provinces favor nominees who have highly marketable skills or provincial connections.

As a result, provinces only set aside a small number of openings specifically for students. Other students who do not have the benefit of a university degree are at an even greater disadvantage as they often have to rely on combining their work experience with highly sought-after jobs or family connections to satisfy immigration requirements.

As a result, studies have determined that obtaining a degree typically does not meet all of the immigration requirements necessary for international students to gain permanent residency status. Instead, students often must obtain other immigration permits that allow them to work toward Canadian citizenship.

In many cases, the need to obtain further permits forces international students to return to their country of origin due to their inability to meet immigration requirements.

How Does Canada Benefit From International Student Immigration?

One of the greatest benefits Canada experiences as a result of international student immigration is economic growth. With the increased number of international students, Canada is beginning to meet its economic and population goals.

International students play a pivotal role in contributing to the economy and adding to the overall diversity Canada has worked hard to establish in the last few years. All Canadians are realizing the benefits and economic new government laws regarding international students have brought to the country.

Over time these economic and social advantages are only projected to increase and benefit all aspects of Canadian society.

How Can a Canadian Immigration Lawyer Help International Students?

If you are an international student that is still trying to determine the challenges and opportunities involved in immigrating to Canada, you need to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer.

A knowledgeable immigration lawyer can answer your questions and discuss what legal options may be available to make coming to Canada easier. Canadian immigration laws can be challenging to try and navigate without the help of an experienced lawyer who can assist you.

JK Law of Calgary is a law firm dedicated to assisting immigrants with legal issues and other problems they may face when making the life-changing transition to Canada. Contact our law office by calling 587-742-2136 to schedule a consultation with a highly trained immigration lawyer who can review your case and determine possible options.

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