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Immigration Lawyers in Calgary Providing Skilled Immigration Law Services For Clients

Immigrating to a new country can be overwhelming and challenging for individuals familiar with immigration requirements. Canada has strict immigration laws, and many steps must be followed to ensure the immigrant can be approved.

The entire immigration process can take several months, if not years, to complete. For this reason, it is always in your best interest to hire a well-trained Canadian immigration lawyer who can advise you of your rights and help with the necessary legal services.

Canadian immigration law can be confusing and challenging to try and navigate independently. However, JK Law is an immigration law firm dedicated to protecting clients through the immigration process,

If you need more information about how JK Law may be able to help you or a family member with immigration services, contact our law offices immediately and ask to schedule a consultation to speak with an experienced immigration lawyer.

What Are Some of the Options That Are Available to Help Individuals Immigrate to Canada

Individuals wishing to make the life-changing decision to immigrate to Canada have several options. However, because of the country’s strict laws regarding immigration matters, it is always best to consult with an experienced lawyer who can evaluate your needs.

Some of the most common available immigration options include:

  • Business immigration: Designed for those who have been successful in business matters and wish to pursue new opportunities in Canada.
  • Provincial nominee program: This option is for individuals nominated by a Canadian province or territory.
  • Self-employed individuals: This option pertains to individuals who have taken part in sporting programs at a world-class level or in cultural activities.
  • Humanitarian and compassionate grounds: Allows individuals to apply for permanent residency who meet the qualifications to leave their own country due to extraordinary circumstances.
  • Study permit: This immigration option allows foreign students to study at designated learning institutions in Canada.
  • Work permits: Allows foreign workers to be employed in various capacities while in Canada.

Regardless of your needs, JK Law of Calgary, Alberta, has immigration lawyers who can advise you on the best option. Our immigration lawyers have a proven track record of successfully helping clients with visa applications and would be honored to assist you with your immigration needs.

What is Express Entry?

There are several different methods of immigration for those who wish to visit Canada or apply for temporary residency. However, Express Entry is a streamlined method that assists skilled foreign workers in obtaining permanent residency.

Individuals eligible for Express Entry include those with college or university degrees, some French and/or English expertise, or professional work experience.

However, any type of immigration to Canada is a complex process. For example, suppose you are trying to utilize the Express Entry immigration method to obtain permanent residency. In that case, you must be a skilled foreign worker invited to apply for the program, which is only valid for 60 days.

JK Law has immigration lawyers who can assist you with the application process or offer more information about programs allowing federal skilled workers to immigrate to Canada.

How Long Does It Take For Immigration Applications to be Processed?

The time it takes to fully process an immigration application varies depending on several factors. For example, those who are eligible for Express Entry may be able to be approved in a quicker amount of time than others, with individuals usually being processed within 6 months.

However, the typical amount of time to be approved can vary from a few months to two years. For this reason, those who wish to obtain temporary or permanent residency must utilize the services of a skilled immigration consultant like those of JK Law of Calgary.

Our law firm has extensive experience handling immigration cases and offers cost-effective solutions for clients.

Why is it Important to Hire an Experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration to Canada can offer individuals a new way of life and work and business opportunities they may not have been able to obtain in their own country. However, the Canadian immigration process can be overly complex and requires the help of an experienced lawyer.

Some of the most common immigration services we assist clients with include:

  • Our law firm can help clients complete the application process and ensure that it is free of errors or oversights that could cause it to be delayed or denied.
  • Our immigration lawyers have extensive experience representing clients before the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Our immigration lawyers have the advantage over other law firms as we consistently work to find innovative solutions to help individuals through family sponsorship, the provincial nominee program, or other forms of visa applications.

Our dedicated team has a proven track record in providing outstanding immigration services and would be pleased to help you with the legal services you need for Canadian immigration.

If you need assistance with Canadian business immigration law or other immigration matters, contact our law firm immediately. Our immigration lawyers take pride in the quality services we provide to our clients. Contact JK Law at 587-742-2136 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced immigration lawyers in Calgary.