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What Legal Protections Does Alberta Provide For Immigrant and Refugee Children?

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Canada is one of the world’s leading countries in welcoming immigrants and refugees. In a large portion of the cases, these families bring children with them to start a new life.

However, when families or single individuals move to a new country, there is often a great deal of doubt and uncertainty about what laws are in place to protect minor-age children. Regardless of whether the child is a refugee forced to flee due to persecution or an immigrant whose family has settled in their new country of Canada; all have certain legal rights under Canadian law.

If you need more information about laws protecting immigrant or refugee children, contact our law office and ask to schedule a consultation so that we may answer your questions.

What is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act?

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) was instituted in 2002 by the Parliament of Canada and acts as the primary federal legislation that oversees immigration into the country.

Although the IRPA provides the necessary legislation to regulate immigration, it has several objectives that work to support immigrants and refugees who choose to come to Canada to start a new life.

With respect to families, some of the most critical portions of the IRPA include:

  • Ensure that all families are reunited in Canada.
  • Promote successful integration of permanent residents into Canada while being mindful that such an adjustment involves mutual work and resolve from immigrants, refugees, and Canadian society.
  • Promote international justice and security by working to protect human rights.
  • Recognizing that the refugee program has been established to save lives and offer protection to individuals who have been persecuted or displaced.

What Policies Are in Place to Protect Immigrant and Refugee Children in Canada?

When discussing Canadian legal policies meant to protect children, it is essential to remember that authorities are directed to always act in the child’s best interest. However, over the years, many human rights organizations have criticized Canadian immigration policies for lack of significant policies designed to identify and protect immigrant and refugee children who travel to Canada without an adult.

Canada has a Family Reunification program that works to unify family members who have been separated. However, the process can be prolonged and take a significant amount of time to complete, leaving the child separated from the rest of the family.

When this occurs, it is often necessary to speak with a skilled immigration lawyer regarding the family reunification process and what can be done to reunite the family.

How Can Immigrant or Refugee Families With Children Protect Their Rights?

One of the most proactive methods for immigrant refugee families with children to protect their rights is hiring an experienced immigration lawyer. A knowledgeable immigration lawyer can thoroughly review a family’s case and determine the available legal options.

Immigration lawyers can also advise parents on protecting their children and community resources they may access.

Only a highly trained immigration lawyer can review your circumstances and advise you about what options are available to protect your child.

Does Your Law Firm Have Experience Handling Immigration Issues?

Our law firm has extensive experience handling immigration issues. Our legal team is passionately committed to assisting families throughout the confusing immigration process and would be honored to assist you.

Our legal staff recognizes that it can be frightening to leave your life behind to start a new life, all while trying to adjust to new ways of doing things. It can be overwhelming to try and decide who you can turn to for help and who you can trust.

For this reason, JK Law of Calgary is a law firm that works hard to assist individuals and families who have come to Canada to start their new life and provide the legal advice they need to protect themselves.

If you have been separated from your family or have other legal issues related to your children, contact our law offices immediately so that we may assess your situation.

If you want more information about the immigration services, we may be able to provide to you and your children, contact our law office by calling 587-742-2136 and ask to schedule a consultation to speak with a qualified legal team member who can answer your questions.

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